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Google and your Local Directories are littered with multiple Aerial Installers with “local” phone numbers and ALL claiming to be “local” installers when the only time these outfits become “local” is when they get here from where-ever they set off from – which won’t be anywhere close to here.

  1. Anyone from any location can buy a localised phone number and divert it to wherever their office really is.
    1. They advertise LOW prices to draw you in – add VAT + the extras and then the real price happens …. after the work is done.
      1. Several of the main companies advertised have traded under half a dozen names in as many years. It’s called Boom & Go Bust.
        1. The first 10 Aerial Installer adverts in the Phone Book are ALL the same company. Different layouts, different numbers and all mentioning local place names – but ALL deliberately misleading.  Your Guarantee will be worthless .
          1. You WILL pay more than at least double & treble what the AerialMan Scunthorpe will charge.
            1. In addition to your ‘overpriced’ installation you will probably get a hefty Call Out Charge.

            So you think you know what you’re doing?

            Think again…


            Don’t become yet another victim – Get the job done properly and not properly “done”.

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